Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time is flying!

We've been home for 5 weeks now. I can't believe how fast the weeks have gone by. The kids have been counting the days this week until school it out. Thursday is the last day of school. Michael has one line in the school play on the last day of school. The kids in his class decided on a pirate theme so he will be wearing an eye patch and pirate hat. Stephanie, Kathy, and Mom bought the kids new bicycles. They love them! Michael started riding his bike to school last week. I have been riding my bike with him and waiting while he locks his bike up and walks in to school because he was alittle bit nervous to go by himself. This morning as we were riding to school he stopped at the corner where there are a row of trees on the edge of the school property. He told me that I could watch him ride his bike to school from there and that I could meet him in the same spot after school instead of meeting him as he comes out of the building:-). He has made many friends and his English is amazing. Elizabeth wants to ride her bike to school, but it's too far. They ride around the neighborhood after school. They seem to feel right at home here. That makes us very happy.

Elizabeth has made many friends too. She got invited to another pool party and the past few days she has come home from school with notes from friends asking her to keep in touch over the summer. She isn't speaking much English, but she is understanding more every day. She is an excellent swimmer and would love to be on a swim team.

We talk to V often. He is doing well and would like to come for a visit. I wish it was as simple as purchasing an airline ticket and flying him here, but it's complicated.

There is definitely a learning curve once you get home. Communication is difficult and patience is key. We know how the children feel because we spent over two months in Ukraine where we couldn't communicate well and things were not familiar. We understand that everything here is different and that they are adjusting to a new language and culture. In spite of it, they are doing great!

Thanks for all of your calls, emails, and comments!

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Becky Maxwell said...

Those pictures are precious! It really looks like the kids are happy. I am so glad I got to meet them. They are sweet and adorable. Hopefully Mike can meet them soon. It was also great seeing you and Tim! Maybe if things work out for Mike and I, we can see you all lots more!
Your TN BFF (for now), Becky