Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy Summer

The kids just completed their three week summer school session. This was a special session for students learning English. They studied English for 4 hours each day. They really enjoyed their classes. Bobby (our nephew) has been a huge help to us this summer. He stays with the children while we are working. He took them to school and picked them up every day. He also takes them on field trips and swimming. The kids love him!

We call Vadim often. He is at camp until school starts in September. Most of the children in orphanages go to some kind of camp during the summer. He likes receiving our packages and letters and is always interested to hear what we are doing.

We got together with our friends who adopted their daughter from the same orphanage as we did. Our kids lived together for 4 years. They are very good friends and love to see each other. Michael and Karina were in the same class the entire time they were in the orphanage. I'm posting a photo of all three kids.

Our nephew, Stephen, is home for a few days after graduating from his Navy Medic Training. We are very proud of him. He will be stationed in California. Thank goodness he won't be too far from home. I'm posting photos of him with his wife Michelle, and son Hayden.

Tim will post later with comments (probably mostly about food).



Kathi said...

Wow Stephen looks so grown up. Hayden is a doll. I'm so glad the kids got to visit with Karina they look very happy. Your kids are beautiful you should be very proud of them. Michael is just so handsome and Elizabeth is gorgeous.



momanddad said...

Grand Father Manfre here: wow I was blown away with all the Outstanding Pictures and Information-would be nice if Tim Would put down his c---- Cigar and spoken a few words about cooking, fishing and traveling around the world. Is he still Bike Riding? I'll bet Sharon is having the time of her life right now, with no time in between.