Friday, May 15, 2009

What a Year!

This past year flew by. We were home for one year as of the end of April. Elizabeth and Michael have almost completed one year in school and are doing very well. Michael made the honor roll the last reporting period. Elizabeth has passed all of her tests and will be going to the 9th grade next year.

We spent Spring Break with Mom and Dad in Georgetown. The kids love being at Grandma and Grandpa's and visiting with their cousins. They enjoyed meeting more relatives and can't believe how many aunt's, uncle's and cousins they have:-).

I explained to the kids that the tradition in Texas is to take photos in the bluebonnets during Spring time. Elizabeth did not want to stop and take pictures and she really did not want to sit in a field of bluebonnets, but I insisted. The photos say it all. Michael, on the other hand, thought it would be fun. He couldn't wait to get in the bluebonnets and let me snap away. He thought it was fun to roll down the hill and get dirty. Typical boy.

Elizabeth has made friends and they all went to the middle school dance together and had a great time. She also signed up for the end of the year Beach Bash swimming party for her grade. Michael has made friends too and has enjoyed playing soccer. His team went to the finals, but came in second. He is looking forward to his choir's end of the year swim party at Schlitterbahn.

We get together with our adoption group often. All 5 families have completed adoptions. The kids really enjoy our get-togethers. The Butchee's are going back to Ukraine to adopt T. They may be leaving for Ukraine at the end of this month!

We celebrated Elizabeth's 15th birthday in March. Thank you to everyone for coming and giving her so many wonderful gifts! She loved having the whole birthday experience. Family, friends, cake and ice cream, and presents! You all made it so special for her. Now that she is 15 Tim has the fun job of teaching her to drive.

I know Tim has alot to add. I'm sure it will have something to do with food. He will do an update later this weekend. Thank you for checking in and we look forward to your comments.



adopting2fromUkraine said...

It's about time you did an update!;)


Dave Baldacchino said...

It's a gazette that is published 3 times a year (every 4 months) lol! The kids look great, you did an awesome job :)

Marilyn K said...

Enjoyed the update and the photos. So glad I thought to check & see if there was any news.

Becky said...

Hey! Thanks for the update! Great pictures! You have a terrific family and I hope to see you all soon. Campbell's birthday is coming up. Hope to see you all then. Love, Becky

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