Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sharon's Birthday

I got up this morning and made a nice birthday breakfast for all of us. Mmmmm, mmmmm good! Everything I cook is from the skillet. And I mean everything. This morning we had pan toast, scrambled eggs, kilbasa for the kids, juice, tea, and coffee. Sweet. Ok, after breakfast me, Elizabeth, and Michael left to do some birthday shopping. We knew what Mom wanted so we headed out to the underground mall. She wanted a tea pot and a tea cup. Mom drinks alot of black tea and they have a special cup and tea pot to make it in. Since it is Saturday the underground mall shops are mostly closed. So we had to hoof it to a big department store. I had to count on the kids to help me in the department store to find the "foot" tea pot. Luckily Michael lead us in the right direction and I was able to find what I was looking for. It actually ended up much better. There was a nice selection and good prices. The kids wanted to get her something too. Michael got her a stuffed dog that looked like Max. Elizabeth got her 3 roses.

Then we raced upstairs and gave Mom the presents. She was beaming with joy. We spent a total of about $30 and Mom loved everything.

Ok for entertainment purposes only. Sharon commented on people cutting in line. I will elaborate. They have invented the sideways line here. This is where there is a line of people who set you up and then cut in front of you. It's totally obvious. Here if you look the other way while you are in line, you get smoked. If you try to tell them something like, "hey, you cut in line", they just ignore you like you don't exist. Everyone knows why there is a "foot'n" reason for a line. It's to prove who is next.

The kids are great unless you pass by a toy store and don't buy them something. Their heads immediately drop and for the next hour they don't want to talk to you. The cure is a Fanta. Fanta cures everything. These kids are so full of Fanta they are as happy as they can be. Fanta rules. Please if you want to get us a gift for the children. We need more Fanta!

Elizabeth is like a bull in a china shop. She wants to do it and then listen. And by that time something is broken or she has crashed in to something. Michael, on the other hand, is sneaky. He's already used the separation technique. This is where Mom is in one room and he asks her a question and she says no. Comes to where Dad is and says Mom said yes. Foooooot!

Last but not least, if I don't get out of here I'm going to go Ukraine on somebody.

Happy Birthday Honey!



Becky Maxwell said...

What a wonderfully sweet blog! Tim, you brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful you and the kids went shopping for Mom! I am so happy for you all and can't wait to meet the kids. Now don't spoil them too quickly!!
Love to you all and have a great day! Becky

Marilyn K said...

Sharon... Happy Birthday! I know this is one you will never, never forget. According to the clock on your blog site, it is now 7:45 P.M on the 19th so I'm sure you are still enjoying an extraordinary, memorable and truly outstanding birthday - one for the books. Not sure just how much of a "big deal" birthdays are over there so do the kids fully understand the concept? I'm so interested to hear about their reactions/concepts of everything. I suspect they have not been exposed to so many things that their counterparts in the U.S would be. When you went to the Hyatt Regency for the first time for WiFi, did it look like the Hyatt Regency's we know over here - with the atrium, etc? If so, I was wondering if the kids had ever seen anything like it & if they had any comments. Again, Happy Birthday and many, many more with your kids.

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Happy Birthday, Sharon! This is a birthday you will always remember. I'm sorry I didn't remember it was your birthday until after I called, but it was a good day to call:)

Tim, it doesn't take much to make a mom happy as long as the kids choose the presents.

Lyndsey said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Sharon!

And Tim, I loved reading about your adventures in buying the "foot" birthday presents.

Love you guys :)

Lyndsey (& Lance)

ibbabs97 said...

Sharon, I hope you had a really good day. I know it is so much fun to have the kids to share it with. Tim don't forget that lots of Fanta means more dentist bills. I do love it when you can buy then off with something inexpensive.

Kathi said...

Hey Guys,

I'm home. I had a blast and wish it could have been another week longer. I love reading your updates. I was going through withdrawals while I was gone. Sounds like y'all are having fun and some exciting times. Sorry to hear about the blackberry. Can you still get emails? Can't wait til y'all are home. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday I am so happy for you.



momanddad said...

Hi this is Dad, Mom & I are sending Sharon a HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday (Slightly Late due to trying to send this message thru the BLOG.) We enjoyed Tim's description of the Breakfast he prepared for Sharon, Michel & Elizabeth. Is Tim still smoking his one Cigar each day? Have you guys made your Airline Reservations yet, hope so!!Love M*D

Erin said...

Happy Late Birthday! Hope your day was awesome!