Friday, April 11, 2008

We are in Kiev!

We arrived in Kiev on Wednesday morning after a 16 1/2 hour train ride. We had a second class cabin with four bunks and June, Dennis, and K had the cabin next to us. The kids were very good. They slept most of the trip. We are still waiting for the children's passports. We have been told that it takes 10 business days to get them, but June and Dennis have waited 15 days and just got word last night that K's passport is arriving this morning. Today is day number 6 for our passport wait so we are praying that we don't have any delays, but everything here depends on something else and something else always happens:-).

Since we gave V a cell phone we have been able to call him every night. He was so happy last night when we talked to him. He is an amazing young man. He wants what is best for his brother and sister. He sent a text message to Elizabeth and Michael on the cell that said "I love you". Even though he is staying in Ukraine we feel like he is part of our family too and he will always have a home with us if he chooses to come to America.

Yesterday we had a wonderful day. The weather was perfect. It's much warmer on this trip. Cool in the evenings, but it gets warm during the day. All you need is a nice long sleeve shirt or sweater to stay warm. We met June, Dennis, and K and did some sightseeing and shopping. We bought the children some clothes. Mom, Elizabeth (O) is a girls size 14. Michael (M) is a size 9/10 boys. We had lunch at a traditional Ukrainian restaurant. I'll let Tim fill you in on that later. Somewhere along the 15 minute walk back to the apt someone unzipped my purse and stole my Blackberry! I was shocked! I never felt a thing. Fortunately that is the only thing they got. It could have been much worse. I had to call my cell phone company and have my cell number suspended until I return from our trip. I also had all of my phone numbers and email addresses in my Blackberry. The worst part is that I had all of the photos I have taken on this trip on my Blackberry. If I have sent you any photos on this trip, please save them for me or send them to my personal email at

June and Dennis may be leaving soon. They are supposed to go to the US Embassy today to start their departure paperwork. We have really enjoyed spending time with them and will miss them when they go.

Elizabeth and Michael are doing great! The hardest part is the communication, but we have discovered that Michael is a pretty good translator. Elizabeth is trying very hard and we are trying hard as well with our Russian. It will be much easier once we are home.

Kathi - Bon Voyage! Have a great time on your cruise!

Mom - I forgot to bring our Ukraine cell number with me, but I will call you with it so you can call me. Get the calling card number I left with Julie.

Julie - See above. Call if you have time. You know how much we like to hear from you.

Steph - See above. Ditto.

Brenda - I'll keep you posted on our return. How are Michelle and Hayden?

Jeanine & Dean - Give Caden a hug. We are glad he liked the birthday gift.

Teresa - thanks for your messages. I sent you one on Tim's email last night. We can email on that address. Hello to all my Square D Family!

Thanks for all of your prayers!


Becky Maxwell said...

Good to see the latest update! It sounds like things are going good - other than having your Blackberry stolen! I guess all you have to do now is wait! I know you all can't wait to get back! We hope to be in Houston to meet the kids sometime. We try not to go too long without seeing the grandbaby, so I am sure we will see you all soon! Take care! Becky

Betty&Jim said...

Hello Coons Family!!!

Hopefully the days will fly by!!!! Baby Hayden went to the pediatrician today, he is now 5lbs & 9oz. All is well!!! Sharon, where was you fanny pack!!!!!! Sorry to hear about the blackberry!!! Love, Brenda

momanddad said...

Tim is the soccer gear you bought for Michael last year with you now or did you leave it at the orphanage? I learned today that soccer balls come in different sizes! Does he need one? Let me know. It is so nice the kids have talked to V and V is very happy to hear from them. It will be nice if one day V will visit his brother and sister in America. Sharon I am looking forward to when you and I take Elizabeth (Beth?) shopping for clothes!!!Love, MOM

Marilyn K said...

Wow! Again with the roller coaster as far as the news goes - some of it very good and some pretty awful (Blackberry). Speaking for those of us who have not seen any pictures of the children, the wait just got longer but still hope to see some as soon as your are able. It sounds like the children have been released to you and all that's left is the final paperwork so I hope the rest of the trip will go as well as can be expected. Just think - a couple years from now when the children are speaking fluent English, you can take a family vacation to the Ukraine and have your own private translators. Also, you can get those $.80 meals so just think of all that money you are going to be saving. Maybe it will pay for the new Blackberry. Best of luck and keep us informed how events are progressing over there.