Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We're Back......

We took two planes, a train, and a taxi and we are back in the small north eastern town in Ukraine staying at the same apartment and eating the same pizza we did during our last trip. Actually, we are sharing the apartment with friends who arrived two weeks ago to complete the adoption of their daughter. They were kind enough to allow us to stay with them for a couple of nights because the other accomodations in this town are worse than the apartment. They will probably be leaving in the next two days to go back to Kiev then fly home with their daughter.

We saw the kids this afternoon. We took them to get passport photos made. When we pulled up in the taxi we saw V first. He seemed very happy to see us. Then O happened to walk out of the school house and she smiled and came to give us a hug, then M came out and said hello. Tim and our facilitator were discussing how adoptions aren't like they are portrayed on tv. The kids did not come running to us with their arms wide open and ask us when we are leaving for America. Yes, they were happy to see us and they said they missed us, but they have each other in the orphanage and alot of friends and that's all they know. I think at this point we are all alittle bit anxious to get home and start being a family.

Mom, M, O, and V said they got the package you sent. O had the bracelet I sent her for her birthday.

From Tim

Ok, lets start this trip off with a story about the plane loading in Frankfurt Germany. The planes are all on the tarmac there and, you as a passenger, are bussed to the plane. Now, they have both the back and front doors to the plane open for people to board. The bad part comes when people who enterd the plane from the back and need seats in the front meet the people who enterd the plane from the front and need seats in the back. I could not beleave the total confusion and mayhem. There were small children getting knocked over and bags getting tossed over people's heads and others desperately trying to squeez by others and all for nothing. Southwest would have had a fit!!! Crazy!!!

After we rattled around on the train for fourteen hours we arrived at the train platform at 8:30am in the middle of the coal plant just like last time. The train makes a 2 minute stop and waits for no one. So, I start hauling off the (4) large suitcases and throw them from the train (about a 5' drop) down the stairs at Sharon. Now, I never actualy hit her but she was doing a funny dance. This part of the trip is always fun.

We saw the kids today and when we arrived they all ran up to the taxi with big smiles on their faces and were so happy to see us. RIGHT! They casually walked up to the taxi and said hello. Like you have been gone... I did not notice until just now. Ok, it was not exactly like that but close. Anyway they are beautiful. They have their whole lives ahead of them and they will come to appreciate me....I mean us!


Becky Maxwell said...

Hello Coons family! Glad to hear you got back safely and saw the kids. I know the kids were very happy to see you all - even though it wasn't a Lifetime movie version of events :)
Looking forward to following your family adventure.
Thanks for the email. Doesn't seem like it was 13 years ago, does it?? As they say, time flies... well you know the rest.
Take care and stay in touch!
Your BFF in TN, Becky

Betty&Jim said...

Hey Tim and Sharon, we( Bob & I)promise to run frantically to the both of you when we pick ya'll up in three weeks!!! The same way Max and Peanut do when we come home from work!!!! Is it freezing cold over there???
Take care!

The B's said...

Hi guys! We are so glad you made it there safely. Can you believe it is only a matter of weeks until you are home with your beautiful children?? And there are TONS of people here in the states that aleady love them and will love them forever! We are anxious to meet CJB's future baby sitter and hug M again!

CJB is still talking about her Uncle Tim and the "catfish".

Love you guys! Choco

Ladybug said...

Glad to see you made it back to the Ukraine! Hope all is well with you and the kids. Tim, you seem to have had a little bit of fun throwing those suitcases off of the train. Sharon, tell him you are not his target and that you know where he sleeps! HA!! We look forward to all the blogs, keep it up. Can't wait to see you all with your new family. In a blink this will be behind you. Love Ladybug.

JLW said...

Tim & Sharon: You should have shortened your trip to Kiev by hitching a ride from your fellow Texan (Pres GWB). I am sure he would have been delighted to have you along for the ride since this was his first stop on his latest trip. The weeks will go by very quickly with all you have to accomplish. M & O may not have acted like it is Christmas, but they will when they get here and realize how truly lucky they are. Did I tell you about the blond handywoman? You will have to wait until you get home. Oh well! Have a great trip. John & Ann