Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Appointment

Neither one of us slept very well. We were both anxious about our appointment. We really didn't know what to expect. Our facilitator picked us up at 9:30am. He went over a few things and told us not to be nervous that it was just a meeting to confirm our referral since we are adopting known children. The road on the way to our appointment is a very old cobblestone type road. We passed two beautiful cathedrals that were built sometime in the 18th century. You almost get the feeling you are stepping back in time as you look around. There were merchants setting up on the side walk to sell their crafts and gifts. There were many people walking about. Everyone is bundled up to stay warm.

As we were waiting to be called, we couldn't help thinking that "this is it" we have been waiting a long time for this moment and it's here. It really was a very interesting experience. There was no reason for us to be nervous. We were able to ask questions and they were very nice and very helpful. We will receive our official referral tomorrow afternoon. Once we have that we will travel to the orphange and see the children. Hopefully we will see them sometime on Friday.

After our appointment we had lunch and wanted to see some of the sights. We were able to get out for about an hour before it started raining. We went to St. Michael's and St. Andrew's. We also went to a small market to get water. The last three times I've picked up bottled water I keep getting the water with gas. This time we got two bottles of flat water - thank goodness.

We saw our first American today. He stuck out like a sore thumb. We heard him talking on the cell phone in English and noticed his leather jacket and cowboy boots. As he was talking on the cell phone his biggest concern was; "at least they have beer here". :-)

It was a good day!

Marilyn, yes the pictures we are posting are ones that we have taken.

The photo above is of St. Michael's.

Thanks for all of your comments and emails! We look forward to reading them!

Sharon & Tim


Kathi said...

Hey you two, I am so glad the meeting went well. Wow, Friday, how exciting is that!! I am so glad that you are doing some sightseeing also. What an adventure. I know two little ones that are going to be very excited on Friday! Be careful on your way to the orphanage. How far is it anyway from where y'all are now? Have a great day. I can't wait until the next blog. Love, Kathi

Becky Maxwell said...

This is so great! I can't even imagine how excited you are! This is so interesting. I can hardly wait for your next update to see what has happened. You are in our thoughts and prayers!
Much love, Becky and Mike

Jwood08 said...

Hey! Aunt Sharon and Uncle Tim i hope you two are having fun how cold is it over there max and miss kitty are in good hands talk to you soon and have fun

Marilyn K said...

According to your clock which is very helpful, it is almost 9 PM your time so I believe you have alredy received your referral and tomorrow is another milestone day. So happy for you!
The photo of St. Michael's is beautiful - what a gorgeous church. Even if you were not on a higher mission, I think you are having the trip of a lifetime & I hope you will remember every single detail for a long, long time. Can't wait to hear the next bit of news. Hope you are staying well and staying warm.