Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Photos from Today

These are a couple of photos from our walk around Independence Square. That is Tim wearing the beret and looking towards the dome. Underneath the glass dome is a big food court in the mall.


Ladybug said...

Looks like you all can finally rest a bit easier now that you have found the McDonald's. We are so excited for you all. By the time you read this you may well be on your way to the orphanage. Hope everything goes well. Keep us up to date on your adventure. We can't wait to read more. Sharon - every thing is going well here.

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Don't they have the most gorgeous monuments there? I'm glad you liked Fonetti's. We were unable to find the pigs in a blanket.

Did 'Speed Racer' take you to Odessa?


The B's said...

Hello from the B's... it me Shane.
Kiss it!!! Sorry I miss giving Tim a hard time. The photos are great and it you both have adapted well....don't get caught taking napkins for your TP. Prison could be bad for a fine looking man like you Tim!! We love and miss you guys.

Kathi said...

The pictures are great. It doesn't even look cold. It looks so clean there. Houston needs to take a few tips. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about y'all and looking forward to your post after you see the little ones.
Hugs and Prayers to you both.

Becky Maxwell said...

Tim looks quite cool in his beret. Looking forward to the next update. I believe you should have seen the kids today. I know they will love you both.
Take care!
Hugs, Becky and Mike

PS. I see Shane is really missing Tim! :)

JBC said...

Glad you made it safely to Odessa. What spped were you traveling?


momanddad said...

Stephanie told me she called Tim's cell phone yesterday and couldn't believe Tim answered! That's pretty good phone service!The weather has been rainy and cold here the last few days. I've worn my heavy coat the last few days more than I've worn it the last few years. I'm waiting for the sunshine!!! Talked to Julie today. She is fine. Am thinking about you two all the time. I'll be glad when you are back home...Mother Manfre'...

Becky Maxwell said...

Just checking for updates. Looking forward to hearing how everything went!!
Just wanted you know we are thinking about you.
Take care y'all!

Love, Becky and Mike