Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

We talked to our facilitator this evening and he is hopeful that we will get our 2nd appointment no later than Thursday. So, we wait. It was very cold today, but it was another beautiful day in Kiev. It snowed all night then the sun came up and started to melt the snow. We did alittle shopping and took a long walk up and down the main street in front of Independence Square.

Our internet connection has a very low signal and I haven't been able to upload any photos. We are going to the internet cafe in the morning so hopefully I'll have better luck there.

From Tim
Lots of interesting comments on the water with gas. Noted and appreciated! Thank God for McDonald's! We are putting in about 5 miles of walking a day. The most dangerous part is the ice and snow falling from the tops of the buildings. You never realize it's a problem until you hear a huge crash directly behind you and then you think - I bet that snow that fell has no gas.

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Betty&Jim said...

Only a McDonald's there????? What no Salsa from Robbie!!!! Can't wait for you guys to get back home. Update from our end, Stephen gets picked up from the recruiter on Sunday evening February 10th at 5pm and Joseph has a new addition to the family!! A 3 month old minature schnazuer "Missy" she is adorable and Peanut likes her!!! Go figure! We miss you!
Brenda and Bob