Sunday, January 27, 2008

Change of plans

Ok, all is well with Sharon and I. Looks like we will get another chance at a second referral for adopton. We have to wait until tomorrow for our facilitator to let us know when our next appointment is. It could be as quick as one day or as long as 3-4 days. We are still in Kiev and have learned enough now to be very comfortable here. This city is beautiful and full of all the world has to offer. We want to let you all know how much it means to us to see your messages on the blog. Communication is all that the world really needs .........oh yeah and family. Today was super. The sun was shining and we got to be tourists for the first time. We bought some trinkits and had the local fare. We slept like babies and washed some clothes. Does anyone know if you can wash a suit case? Mine has kind of a funky smell. I'm taking a poll. I want know what is the longest anyone has lived out of a suitcase? Now, go smell your suitcase. Anyway, I was told once by my Dad to have kindness in others troubles and courage in you own. Good words to live by.

As we were walking down the main street in front of Independence Square a crowd gathered and a camera crew was shooting what appeared to be a famous singer. He sang a few songs in Russian and the crowed was singing along. We took a photo of the crowd. It's posted above. The other photo is of a statues across the street from Independence Square.


Maria said...

Hi guys, Maria here. Just off the ship after a 5 hour fog delay! :) Catching up on voice mails and emails and reading what has been going on with you guys. You are amazing people and God has a tremendous plan for you and the special children he has chosen. I know we tell families to prepare for the unexpected, but really there is never any way to do that except to have faith to God is in control!!! If you can, send me an email with all the details and how things are going, especially related to your 2nd referral appt at the SDA. Maria

adopting2fromUkraine said...

I remember that archway. They seem to have something going on there on weekends. We got to see all kinds of Santas and animals walking around.

Still thinking of ya'll and still praying.


Kathi said...

Hey ya'll, I am glad your getting a second chance if that is what you want. I know your trust must be down but look above. God has all the answers and He has his hand on you both and this situation. Have faith and hang in there. I love you! Kathi

momanddad said...

Just got home from work and was thinking about the next step in this adventure all day long. Was glad Tim updated the blog. I have no idea how to clean a suitcase. You known I don't like to travel so my suitcase is very clean!! Steph told Dad she finally got to read your blog and think it is great. Maybe she can write to you. I think Conrad helped her on the computer. Time to get ready for bed. Keep us posted on every detai!!!! Love, Mom

Betty&Jim said...

Hey Tim, about that stinky suitcase! Is it as bad as the sandles that you and Bob had on the cruise a few years ago?????

Take care, Brenda

The B's said...

Hello from the Baldons. Sorry thing have not worked out as planned. We pray for good things to come you both deserve it. As for your suitcase? Did you take your special sock? If yes...then it is Bree... Sorry just like to keep things light.
Miss you both.