Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Work Day

We spent most of the day at the internet cafe so Tim could work. The wireless connection in our apartment is so low we were unable to get a connection. We received a call an hour ago that we have our 2nd appointment. It's this afternoon. We hope all goes well. We don't know if we will be leaving Kiev today or tomorrow. We'll post again when we have more information.

It's snowing very hard outside. Tim will probably need to buy a new coat before we leave Kiev. We are very pumped about the new appointment.

We had our appointment this afternoon. Everything went well and they expected to have the referral this evening. We stopped by the travel agent to book our train tickets for tomorrow. There weren't any seats available when we checked, but our facilitator is a miracle worker. He said that he would be checking on our tickets and not to worry. He thinks we'll get tickets for the 6:30p overnight train to our region. June made this trip and she told me it's a 14 hour train ride. It's in the far eastern part of Ukraine. So, the adventure continues. We could not be happier with this referral!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who is emailing and sending us comments. I know we've said it before, but we can't wait to see what you all are writing to us.

Ladybug - It was exactly what we wanted! Very happy!

Brenda & Bob - Send a picture of Missy and Joseph. Is there anyway you can airmail a jar of Robbie's picante and chips?

Becca - I'm sorry I won't get to see you when you are in town this weekend. I'm sure you will be very busy with your adorable granddaughter. Keep the comments coming. I know you can multitask. You can type with CJB in your lap :-)

Steph and Julie - Keep the emails coming. We miss you very much!

Mom and Dad - It worked out like we hoped. Very good news today!

Kathi - Please tell Brandi thank you for her prayers. We'll see her soon.

Jeanine - We miss you! Can you believe this? We are very happy. Have a fun and safe trip to Chicago. We hope Caden gets to play in the snow. Say hello to Lyndsey and Lance.


Ladybug said...

Good luck at today's appointment. We hope it turns out well. Funny how Tim had to go to Kiev to get some work done. Ha! It is cold here. Typical Houston weather though. Yesterday we were in the 70's and this morning it is in the 30's. Miss you and thinking of you daily. Now go out and make a snow angel with all of that snow! Ladybug.

Kathi said...

That was pretty quick. That's wonderful. Do you know how far you have to go to the orphanage or will you find that out today? Brandi wanted me to tell y'all good luck and she will be praying for you too. She is really excited for y'all. Take care. Look forward to your next post. Love, Kathi

Becky Maxwell said...

Great to hear about your appointment. Hope all goes well! Stay warm and dry and be careful in that snow! You Texans aren't used to that white stuff! Can't wait to hear what happens next.
Hugs to you both!
Your TN BFF, Becky and her trusty sidekick, Mike :)

Jeanine said...

I love that you are halfway around the world and we can just drop you a note. Can't wait to hear about how your appointment went and to see what happens next. All is well here, but you are missed. We go to Chicago this weekend, but will watch the blog. We're hoping Caden gets to see some snow too. Maybe we'll even get him some water with gas. Lots of Love,

Betty&Jim said...

Hey Sharon, When will you get to see Mischa and Olga? Stay safe!
Love Brenda

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Some things I forgot to tell you about the train. They close the restrooms a few minutes before and after stops. The problem is that you never know when they're going to stop, there are no announcements. So, that's a pain trying to time it.

Also, you may want to consider bringing food and snacks since there is nothing on the train.

Have a fun trip!:)

Two Sisters said...

Looking forward to hearing your appointment results. Max and Miss Kitty are fine, but miss you both, as do we all.

Love Steph and Julie

Becky Maxwell said...

Hey Scoons and the Timinator! Well, I am in Houston. I am missing you!!! Hope all is going well there. I am happy as I can be because I am with CJB!! Waiting anxiously for your next update! Take care, Becca

Marilyn K said...

It's hard to believe it was just two weeks ago today that Sharon flew over. You've had so many interesting experiences and observations that, from here, it seems like you've been gone two months. I hope the next week brings good news. We are all anxiously awaiting the next post and hoping for the best.

momanddad said...

Hi Sharon & Tim, it's goodmorning here(8:30am) and good afternoon there(4:30pm)mind blogging.we enjoy all the news and pictures keep um comming.Hope M is getting well. O is very pretty. are you guys picking up the language? Is English spoken much? Any snow plows there? enough said.