Sunday, February 3, 2008

Internet Cafe

We are in the internet cafe fighting for a spot amongst a bunch of young kids playing war games. We had two days of wonderful visits with the children. We are blessed and pleased. They seem very healthy and happy. Language has been a struggle, but they seem to understand just enough as we do them. The children have accepted us as their adoptive parents. We are now waiting on a court date. This could take 5-10 working days. We may not leave here on our scheduled flight, but won't know until Friday.

We don't have a way to post photos, but we've taken alot and will post them when we can.

We are staying above a nice Ukrainian restaurant/disco. They give us two meals per day. The meals are different, but very good. They consist of salad...cucumbers & tomatoes. Second course is potatoes or rice with some kind of chicken or pork and hard boiled eggs. Final course is dessert. It is like a Mexican Soppapilla. It's really great and different. We have breakfast at 10:00am and dinner at 6:00pm. No English TV. We spend lots of time reading books and playing card games.

We take a taxi to see M & O at the orphanage. It takes about 15 minutes. Our first meeting with M was on Friday. He was dressed smartly in blazer and slacks and a HUGE smile! He hasn't changed much and he and Tim sat together right away. O came running in the room and hugged us both and would not leave my side. She is beautiful and has a smile that will light up a room.

We met their older brother and spent time with all three kids together. We all have a good understanding and everything is going to work out.

We are leaving now to go shopping. Our first adventure to the market.

Will post again later.

Love you all!

Sharon & Tim


Becky Maxwell said...

OMG! I am reading your blog to Angela and we are both in tears and are so happy for you!!
I pray all we be smooth from here!
I look forward to the updates so much. I can't wait to see what happens next. Hopefully we can see some pictures when you get far enough along. Take care and we love you! Becky and all

Lyndsey said...


We are at Lyndsey and Lance's apartment in Chicago reading your comments and are so very happy for you. You sound so proud and satisfied the way things are working out for all of you. It is so strange that none of us are at our usual abodes but that we can communicate half way around the globe.

Please tell M&O that we look forward to meeting them and showing Tim & M how we play golf in America.

Jeanine says that O and Sharon can learn to play also, if they wish to.

Caden has learned about frolicking in the snow in Chicago and really enjoyed it, as did we all.

We love you and miss you and will see you soon.

Jeanine, Dean, Caden, Lyndsey and Lance.

momanddad said...

Today is Superbowl Sunday and the grocery store was crowded at 9:30 this morning. Sharon do you still like football like you did when Earl Campbell played for the Houston Olilers? I will pick the New England Patriots to win since I am from Boston. Very happy to receive you recent emails. I would like to see Tim with a beard!!!Mom

adoptyaroslav said...

So happy to hear your news about M & O, and V,too!

Yes, I did get the photo you blackberried of Y. Thanks again so much for the phone call!