Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Another Day

The weather here today has warmed up to a balmy 40 degrees with a 10-15 mile an hour wind. Today's breakfast consisted of soup with you guessed it pork meat balls, ham slices with cheese, two fried eggs, coffee and black tea. We are sleeping pretty well; however, there seems to be a dispute between the (4) alley cats and the (2) guard dogs......uh, small dogs built just for barking. Every night ohhh say around 4:00am to about 5:30am. The cats sound like screaming women and the dogs sound like vicious wolfs. At that hour of the night I sit up sometimes and wonder who is winning that night's battle. I may try to video them for fun.

The restaurant has (2) full time guards on the property and they are both nice guys. We feel pretty safe here and the folks at the returant are super nice. The other night the ladies in the kitchen made us borscht. A standard soup in the Ukraine made of beef broth, beats, cabbage, potatoes and (for Jeanine) a big fat dollop of sour cream. It sounds a little different but I can assure you it was excellent.

Shane... the kids at the orphanage have only one bicycle that they have to share. Maybe, we could talk the shop into helping put together a charity ride so we could collect donations for extra bikes for the kids. Hey, we could stand riders in a long line (in their cycling clothes)and use one little kids bike and have each cyclist ride the bike in a little circle for time. Ok......maybe we just have a regular charity ride to collect donations to buy kids bikes to ship over.

M and O are great kids. M likes math and is a quick study and good with his hands. O loves to draw, talk and be photographed. They have the most beautiful smiles.



adopting2fromUkraine said...

Yay, it's warm there now! LOL Twenty five degrees felt warm to us after being there 4 weeks.

Kathi said...


It is so sweet to hear you talk about the kids and their beautiful smiles. I've known all along you were a big teddy bear! It really is good to hear from y'all and get the scoop. The food sounds really heavy except for the soup. Glad it is good though.

Can't wait for y'all to come home with the kids so we can meet them and smother them with love.



adopting2fromUkraine said...

I forgot to put that it was minus 10-20 degrees (celsius)those 4 weeks!

BTW - It costs a whole $1.20 an hour for both of you to use the computer. Wish everything was that cheap!