Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Home SWEET Home!

We are home! Dorothy said it best....."there's no place like home." We arrived home on Sunday evening. We got up at 3:00am Ukraine time on Sunday to be ready for our 4:00am ride to the airport. We flew from Kiev to Munich then Munich to Chicago and finally from Chicago to Houston. By the time we landed in Houston we had traveled almost 24 hours. All we wanted when we got home was hot showers with water pressure and Mexican food.

When we left Ukraine we still didn't know when our adoption would be final. Our facilitator called us earlier this week to let us know that he received a verbal approval that all of our paperwork is being processed and that the 10 day wait is in effect now. But, until he receives the actual court papers nothing is official. So we are waiting to hear from him when he has the paper in his hand. At that point everything will be official and we can post photos of the children. Also, once he lets us know that we are officially a family then we will know what date we go back to get the children.

We are back in the rate race in record time. Since we got home Tim has been working around the clock to catch up at work. He had to get on another plane today for a two day business trip. I'm trying to get our lives back in order. Bills, taxes, unpacking, laundry, and doctor's appointments. We've already had my car in the shop (motor problems) and our home heater went out last night. We froze last night just like we did in Ukraine! It was great!

Thank you to Julie and Stephanie for taking such great care of Max, Miss Kitty and our house! We could not have made the trip without your help.

Thank you to everyone for your comments and encouragement. We'll need you again for round #2.

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Kathi said...

I am so glad your back and you have posted. It is so much fun following y'all journey. I can't wait to get the date when you can go pick the kids up. Welcome Home!