Friday, February 8, 2008


Ok,I am going to eat at McDonalds as soon as we get to Kiev. I miss Beef. This morning we had boiled beef and patatoes for breakfast. I prommise not complain anymore about the pork. I could only eat the cheese and potatoes. The weather here is cold today with a blowing snow and temperature around 30 degrees. We went to the grocery store to buy goodies for the kids like banana's,juicebox, candy and potatoe chips. We found a new candy store on the way. They have lots of specialty cookies, coffee's, tea, and more candy. The older woman there was very nice and helped me buy some coffee creamer I needed badly.

We had a nice visit with M,O and V today. We wrote down questions last night to ask them......Ok, Sharon wrote down the questions and I helped. We took V and M clothes and shoe sizes. O is a doll and likes attention and any candy we bring. I make sure we always have some for her and banana's for M.

Tony HAPPY 80th Birthday!!! I wish I could be in Georgetown to help you celebrate. For sure next year and I am buying. Uhh, let me check with Sharon first on that. Our family situation has changed a little, but I can hook you up at Shipley's for coffee and some braekfast for sure.



adopting2fromUkraine said...

You'll have to make sure you tell us where that new store is. We already know we have a chocolate candy fiend.

Marilyn K said...

Wow! I think I only missed a day & a half or two days checking on the blog & saw four new posts today. Enjoyed hearing the news, especially about making coffee with bottled water & a paper towel. Do you have a stove/hotplate/microwave in your apartment or how do you heat the coffee? I also miss my coffee creamer very much when it is not available. If you are used to the flavored creamers like I am, one little trick is to drop either a bit of peppermint or a tiny bit of chocolate if you can get the coffee hot enough to melt it. Hershey's brought out a new flavor of Kisses this past Christmas - Cherry Cordial - which work great for a flavored creamer. I'm curious if you have to use converters to plug in any of your appliances, chargers, etc?

I heard something pretty amazing on the news this morning that will probably make you enjoy your weather a little more. I listen to Chicago radio online 24/7 and this morning I heard that for the first 8 days of February, Chicago has had 11 minutes on sunshine. They are having a pretty tough winter and just had their 27th "snow event" of the season & some of their events have been pretty major. So... even if it is cold, just the fact that the sun is shining is something to appreciate and enjoy.

Let me chime in with Happy Birthday wishes to Tony. I think the only thing not mentioned was that you also can now leave your tun signal on for the whole trip down the highway without getting a ticket. If it makes you feel any better, even Elvis would have turned 73 this year.

Marilyn K said...

Sorry... I forgot to ank one question I've been curious about. Have you seen anything comparable to an ATM machine or how are you getting money? Did you have to take everything you would anticipate needing when you went or are you able to get cash? What about the children? Do they have any way of buying anything if they had any money?

The B's said...

I tried to put comments yesterday and this #$## did not work.
Hello me S. A and CJB are trying to get over whatever mom brought fom Tenn. Thanks. Enjoy the slower pace of life and enjoy the time with the kids. We miss you both and let me know if you need me to take care of anything during your extended stay.

Becky Maxwell said...

Wow! My own son turned on me!! I was sick but thought I caught it in Texas! Well, enough about that!

Scoons and T-Man (okay I just made that up)!! You are having an adventure of a lifetime! Do you have a video camera and are you recording lots of stuff? It all sounds so amazing. I am so happy to hear things are going so well. I am sure there is so much for the kids to learn and what great teachers they will have!! I am sure everyday holds all kinds of fun! Everything is so interesting!

Sure missed seeing you all in Houston. Of course I was sick the entire time. The worst was not spending every available second with CJB. She is growing so fast! She now can count to a million, she knows the entire alphabet in several different languages and is memorizing every state with capitals.... oh yeah, and she plays Beethoven beautifully on the piano! Okay... maybe I overexagerrated, but not much!!!

Tell your Dad Happy Birthday from the Maxwells. If they ever get to the Nashville area, please tell them to look us up.

Hey, maybe later in the year, the Coons family can plan a trip to Nashville! The kids could see a different part of the country and hang with the toothless hillbillies we have here. Just ask Shane!

Take care and keep them updates comin'!!

Love ya! Becky (and Mike)

momanddad said...

Hi Tim,I'm Eighty years (young) and it has really occurred to me that aging is a negative: I have heared all my life that "Aged Beef" Aged Wine is still preferred. By the way I love Shipley's Donuts & pastrey, however I also love Outback Steaks. OK, I'll settle for Shipley's.
Mom says:
The pictures are great. I think V really likes you two! Steph told me you talked to her and Julie today. I know it is good to hear English!!

Kathi said...

That is so cool y'all have found different ways to communicate. I am so glad V is enjoying y'all stay as much as M and O. Y'all are going to make a big difference in all 3 of those kids lives and I can't even put into words how very proud I am of you two. Y'all are amazing. Sharon, God had a plan and it is turning out perfect. I love the pictures, thanks for those. The kids look so happy. You can really tell a difference from the beginning pictures and the most recent pictures.

Tony, Happy 80th Birthday from your other daughter. Love to you and Grace.