Thursday, February 7, 2008

Food for thought?

Last night's dinner was egg salad (rubbery) for starters, tortellini stuffed with some kind of pork (yummy), and a fried pattie made with the same stuffing in the tortellini (more pork). No dessert. Every night we get hot tea (Sharon) and coffee (me). The coffee is what I like to call Cowboy coffee because you can stand a spoon straight up in it. Trying to sleep after this is an event. I've had some pretty severe nightmares.

We have to shower at night because it's the only time the water is drizzeling and hot. Our laundry is hung up in the bathroom with bungee cords (thanks Dennis for the tip). We've moved from from the bed to sleeping on the couches. The bed springs are so bad when I lay down on my side I completely disappear from site. My back took two nights of it and that's all she wrote. The living room has become home. We watch tv in Russian. I play the PSP and read books. Sharon and I play rummy. She always wins, cheats. I make coffee in the morning with a paper towel and bottled water. It's a good trick when there is no coffee pot. This morning I put on my stiff, clean underwear and we skipped breakfast in the restaurant and decided to go to City Pizza and order pizza for lunch and bring some for the kids.

More later....



Betty&Jim said...

Ok, Tim. I promise to have Bob grill you some good 'ole "Robbie Burgers" when you finally make it back home. In regards to the "Stiff Underware" at least there is no possibility of wedgie!!!! Later guys! Love, Brenda

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Food does become a priority when you are there. It's a matter of survival! You can't just hop in the car and go to the grocery store or look in your refrigerator or pantry that you keep well stocked at home and find whatever you want to eat!

Those tortellini are probably pelemini, Ukraine's national dish. The restaurant makes the best! We found some frozen in that little market in Kiev which were very good too. The restaurant may also serve you varinky (not sure if that's how to spell it) which are good too. Those are a half circle shape pasta filled with potato or something similar.

They came in and measured the bed when we were there. We thought they might be replacing the mattress. We paid enough for it! We had to close off that living room because of some very strong smelling stuff they were doing in that adjacent apartment building. They must be through.

Is it quieter in the living room? I could hear disco music on the other side of the bathroom wall and also through the kitchen wall. We figured the kitchen was the restaurant and the bathroom was the disco that faces the outdoor market.

We would watch movies on tv that we had already seen because we knew what was going on. Have you seen the Russian 'Married with Children' yet?

How do you tell the pizza place 'to go'?