Monday, February 4, 2008

Was it a "Super" Bowl?

I just found out that the Giants beat the Patriots. I'm not as big of a football fan as I used to be, but I thought the Patriots were going to win this one. With no news and being so far away I can't tell by the article that I read if everyone was happy with the outcome or depressed.

We met with our facilitator this morning and went to the notary office to get more paperwork done. It seems like things are moving along and we are making progress. We were able to visit with O today. M is sick. He was sleeping when we were there so we didn't get to see him today. The Director wasn't feeling well today either so we couldn't meet with her. We enjoyed our time with O. She is so happy about being adopted. We were able to have a nice conversation as our facilitator took us to a private room where we could relax and talk. We are really enjoying getting to know her. We were right by a classroom that appeared to be Kindegarten aged children. They were all at their desks writing and coloring. Those children were adorable.

When it was time to go we stood outside waiting for our cab to arrive and a group of kids came up to say hello(Natalie,Y was one of them). The sun was out today so there were kids in the courtyard. The children are nice and posed for a photo. They love seeing themselves on the digital camera.

From Tim
Every meal is an experience. Breakfast today was a chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms - breaded and fried. Barley with potatoes. Of course bread and cheese at every meal. It was good, but alittle tough to choke down first thing in the morning. Most all of our meals have consisted of some kind of pork. Like ground pork in a flat pancake. Fried pork battered in bread. Pork sausage (not like you are used to). Pork patties. Pork Crepes. OK enough of the pig. The potatoes are outstanding! We had mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, potatoes in soup, potatoes in porridge. Potatoes are like you think they are........not scary. My system is working fine. Gotta go to dinner now. I'm sure it's some kind of pork and potatoes.

Becky - I love reading your comments. I'm looking forward to seeing you. I know that you will be back in town soon to see CJB.

Jeanine,Dean,Caden,Lyndsey,& Lance - Was so happy to hear you are having a good time in Chicago. We will call you soon.

Bob and Brenda - HAPPY 12TH ANNIVERSARY Betty and Jim! (Feb3). Jim, take Betty to dinner. To a nice dinner.

Bobby - We hope to see you soon. 17 days and counting....ROGER THAT!

Stephen & Michelle - Take care of each other and Hayden. Michelle, we can't believe you are finally gaining weight. He must be a big boy! Stephen, hang in there. Chin up. We are very proud of you Medical Corpsman West.


Kathi said...

Hey you two. You would have loved the Super Bowl, it was a great game. Those Manning boys are unbeleivable. I didn't win any money on the super bowl pot but it was still a good game.

I am so excited that you have seen the kids and O is so excited. I know M is!

Can't wait to hear more. I miss you and love you.


Becky Maxwell said...

Thanks for the updates and email. I am here in Houston but got sick. I couldn't even keep little CJB today. I am going to pick her up from Connie's early today. I know you are both so excited! The children are very lucky. Can't wait to meet them and see you again! Hurry Home! Your bud, Becky

adoptyaroslav said...

Love the pictures you sent. Bill, of course is overjoyed at the outcome of yesterday's game. It was one of the better superbowl battles. Bill enjoys Tim's food reports as well!

Natalie & Bill

momanddad said...

The pictures of you and Tim are great. Half a face is pretty good but the full face is much better!!!Your hair looks real good. Have you seen any redheads there? This is it for now. Love Mom

Ladybug said...

As my dad always said, "on any given day, the best team can be beatern by the underdog". It came true yesterday.

Glad to hear the good vibes headed your way are coming to fruition.

Keep us updated.


Marilyn K said...

It was nice to hear the latest updates & get an idea of what is happening. Sounds like the breakfast chicken might have been the elusive Chicken Kiev that I've been waiting to hear about, or at least a variation of it. I'm wondering if you've seen any grocery stores like we are used to or are they mostly little neighborhood markets? I am surprised to hear about the amount of pork you are enncountering. Do you think there is a chance any of it could have been mutton?

I'm also curious if you have seen a movie theater or a video store although I suspect those would be more likely seen in Kiev than where you are now. Also wondering if they serve anything in McDonald's that we do not have here. I know you can get beer in McDonald's in Germany. Did you try the Irish Pub in Kiev? I, too, was curious if you had seen any redheads so we are waiting to hear the answer on that one. Take care.

Betty&Jim said...

Hi Tim and Sharon,

So happy to know that things are falling into place! We are all so excited over here on seeing the kids! Take care

momanddad said...

Tim, I've got a new receipt for pork chops you might like!!! Sharon can fix them for you when you get home. Bet the kids like pork!! Have a sweet potato instead of a white one. Love, Mom

adopting2fromUkraine said...

I hope this is okay to post to your friend Marilyn. I had Chicken Kiev at the Irish Pub, O'Brien's. It was rolled chicken with ham and melted cheese inside a breaded crust. It was good, but they made sure the crust was very well cooked. There was the traditional Ukraine 'salad' of cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers served on the side. There may be other variations of Chicken Kiev. That was my first time to have it.