Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Once Upon A Day

Ok, let's see, today we skipped breakfast and slept late. I have a little cold and decided to forego breakfast for a pizza lunch. There has been no water since last night and it's now 5:00 pm here. Hope it comes on soooooooon! Its been two days since my last shower, but the kids and Sharon don't mind. We have the wash hanging all over the apartment. It's like clothing art in a way because we only have one workig light bulb out of 5 in the bathroom. It kind of reminds me of, yeah, that's it...........the 40's. It was snowing here today and about 25 degrees.

At pizza city we ordered the usual. Meaning the only pizza we have ordered that we liked so far. I had a cup of the instant coffe and Sharon had hot black tea. The pizza is awesome. It is has sausage, tomatoes, black olive, cheese and salami. We also had a coke. Really good breakfast food for an American. Here everyone eats pizza with a fork and knife. Uhh except you know, me, which always brings on a few odd looks. I just smile and kind of hint that this is face food and there is no way I am using a fork. I did video the place and people today so we can share the whole pizza city with everyone when we return.

We bought an additional pizza and extra coke to bring foe the kids today. Along with... you guessed, candy for O. We could not meet in the usual room today and had to meet with the kids in their english class room. We visited with O,M,V,K and Y. We had a great time letting them listen to the MP3 players and taking pictures. We played tic-tac-toe on the chalk board and ate lots of candy. Yes, they ate the pizza with their hands and no one was offended.

Ok, got to give a big SHOUT out to my youngest nephew Stephen who right now is probably getting the worst headache of his life from an ugly ill-mannered drill instructer with bad breath. He is headed for Chicago for basic training for the Navy. Ok, Shane he needs a buddy don't you think!!! Hi ya Freddy!!! Hey Shane, thanks for the skull cap. I will wear it with pride. Just substitute all of the profanity you want with a the word "foot". The heater is dead - oh FOOT!

Alright all in all everything has been pretty good and you know it's always good to slow down and enjoy life.....ok, enough is enough.

Well there it is and I just want to say thanks for the comments on the blog while we are here.

GO NAVY!!!!!!


adopting2fromUkraine said...

What's the name of the pizza you like? We usually ordered the chicken pizza, which was good. Once we ordered the Mexican pizza because it had black olives on it and looked really good. We saw someone order it and ask the waitress what it was. Then, when we started eating it we found cut up pieces of wieners on it! Their idea of Mexican is surely not ours. LOL

Betty&Jim said...

You are too funny. You need to write for a magazine!!! I talked to Stephen at 2am this Tuesday morning. He said it's freezing but beautiful with all of the snow! We are all anxiously waiting your return flight home!
Saty warm,
Love, Brenda Bob and Peanut

adopting2fromUkraine said...

I just remembered the day we were at the pizza place and there was a table of 4 women sitting next to us. They all took turns looking at us, trying to be discreet, though they weren't. It was very obvious they were looking at us. We weren't the only other people in there. I don't know why they stare, or what they get out of it. We don't look any different than they do from what I see. And we weren't talking loud or much at all either because we try not to draw attention.

I tried to not let it bother me, after it happens so many times, it does.

Becky Maxwell said...

I am back! I have been so sick for over a week. That hillbilly flu will get you every time! It sounds like everything is going good. You are just playing the waiting game. I know the kids are anxious to start their new lives. Will you be able to handle real coffee when you get home Tim? Sharon, have you learned to drink coffee yet?
I know you are proud of Stephen. You really know you are old when all the little kids are adults!!!
Isn't that great about Freddy?
Things are fine here in TN. Mike is in St. Louis. Will be back on Wednesday. I have been doing a little sewing and embroidering to pass the winter. Banned from the Baldon household until I get all of my vaccines. (kiddin')
Take care and stay warm!!
Becky (no cute nickname)

Kathi said...

Glad to hear from you and glad your enjoying the down time. Tim, you are funny! Love to hear your stories. Who doesn't love pizza. It sounds wonderful. Talk to you soon.


Marilyn K said...

Well, I'm just curious to know what foods you are missing the most & what you look forward to eating first when you get back to H-Town... Steak? Seafood? Mexican food? BBQ? I guess anyting but chicken or pork. Also wondering what foods you look forward to introducing M & O to. Wait 'til O sees Cotton Candy - she will be dancing with delight.