Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Few More.........

Tim blogging at the internet cafe. The deserted coal mine. Me with pizza for the kids. Tim at the market (check out the hats). Tim coming out of our apt. in Kiev the day before we left to come home.


Becky Maxwell said...

Glad you all are back! I knew you would be dead tired and have lots to do so I am glad to see the updates. Great pictures! Hopefully things will go quickly and you can get the kids and get back to your new life.
Looking forward to more updates. Take care and welcome back!!

Marilyn K said...

Welcome Home! Thanks for the update and the interesting photos. Sorry to hear that you had a double dose of Murphy's Law anything-that-can-go-wrong-will-go-wrong after you returned home. Hope the next chapter will go more smoothly and I hope we will soon be treated to seeing pictures of M and O. Also hope you haven't had any problems with your stomachs adapting to Western food again. In case you get just too, too hungry for Ukranian/Russian food before you go back, I guess you know there is a Russian restaurant on Dairy Ashford. It will be so interesting to hear how M and O react to all the upcoming changes in their lives.