Monday, February 18, 2008

He Said

Ok, I got the flu and had a pretty high temperature Saturday and Sunday. Man, I could barley blow my nose. Anyway, needless to say we had to cancel our dinner with the director and could not go see the kids on Sunday. I am sure we will be invited again or when we come back to pick the children up. Sharon was great. She waited on me hand and foot. The little woman came to the Ukraine totally prepared. I had theraflu, some antibotic she got from the doctor, and day and night time cold medcine. So glad I brought her along.

The folks that own the resturant knew I was sick and sent food back with Sharon for me. For breakfast they made like 5 egg omlett and dinner was a little different with boiled beef and rice. They also brought up coffe and tea. They always give us way to much food. These people are very giving and genuine, they just won't smile.

Today we went to visit the kids. We met in the math room today and M brought in an old game boy. He did look up twice and gave me a hug. Thats pretty much all I saw of him today until my hug when we left. Kids are the same all over the world. O played photographer and took video of me looking sick with a smile. We had all three take their shoes off for a foot trace for shoe sizes. So glad I had a cold!!!! Here was a first, I saw V hug Sharon back today. So, I decided I should give it a try....snubbed. He looked at me like I was some kind of crazy man and there was absolutly no reason for what I had done. My Bad!

Our facilatator got us two tickets on the train for Thursday night into Kiev. They are in the first class car but he said in the old train car. Ok, what the "Foot" was the train we took here.....the new one? Should be as interesting as the train ride here. I am sure it will be nice and comfortable.

Awesome news. The owner of the restaurant today let me use their LAN connection and I was able to down load my emails from work. Ok, I won't go into how many emails and how much work I have because it was so awesome to see my computer download an email.

-Mom is the new computer a laptop? .....that means it's small and folds up.
-Dad way to go! You can share more when I get back.
-Sis where is the blog you promised? No pressure!



S & T said...

Waited on you hand and "FOOT" is about right! I'm sorry V snubbed you today. It happens. When I told M I loved him as we were leaving today he said, "yeeesss Mom" as he rushed off with his friends.

Kathi said...

I'm glad you got to see the kids today even if only for a little while. Glad to hear you're feeling better too. You know those 16 year olds, if there weren't anyone around he probably would have hugged you back. See you soon.



Betty&Jim said...

Hey, Tim!!!

You need to hurry back home! Bob is going stir crazy waiting for your return. Can't wait to see ya'll
Love, Brenda