Monday, February 18, 2008

She Said

We didn't update the blog yesterday because Tim was sick. I got a stomach bug and he got a flu bug. Thank goodness we weren't sick on the same day. I'm so glad I brought prescription medicine from home. My stomach hasn't been the same since I got sick and Tim is still on the mend. Needless to say, I'm cautious about what I'm eating. The people at the restaurant are so nice to us. They made Tim special plates of food that I could bring up to him yesterday because he was too sick to go down and eat. Last night they delivered hot tea and coffee to our apt.

We were so disappointed that we had to cancel dinner with the director last night. We hope to get another invitation before we leave or on our second trip when we come back to get the kids. Instead of a fabulous dinner with the director and her husband we laid on the couches and watched Bird on A Wire dubbed in Russian. It was very exciting especially when Tim tries to imitate the the guys dubbing it in Russian with his fake Russian. We didn't get to see the kids yesterday either.

We went to see the kids for only an hour today because Tim still isn't feeling well. We had a great time and it actually made him feel better. M came in with a small nintendo game. He said it was a friends. So pretty much we didn't speak to him today:-). O and I tried to have a conversation, but it goes something like this. Me: I'm so happy to see you today! We couldn't come yesterday because Pop was sick. O: yeeeesss mama. O: something in Russian I don't understand. Me: Da, Da (yes in Russian). Then I get out the translator and my books and we start over. V watched M play the video game. Y and K came by and Y was able to talk to Natalie for a few minutes. Natalie, he was wearing the Texas A & M Jacket you gave him when he was here. Those Aggies recruit world wide:-). There are several kids in the orphanage with Aggie clothing. June and Dennis, K is looking forward to talking to you tomorrow.

We didn't have a translator today until right before we were leaving. Our facilitator/translator met us at the orphanage to tell us he got our train tickets for Thursday night to Kiev. We will arrive in Kiev around 8:30am on Friday. That means we have to rush a bit on Thursday because we have court at Noon and other things to wrap up before catching the train around 5:00pm. After court we will find out what date we need to be back to pick up the kids. It will probably be around March 7-10.

So, if everything goes well and we have no surprises we should be home Sunday night Feb. 24th. I'm waiting for our travel agent to send me a confirmed itinerary.

FOOT! Only 2 days 'til court!

Da Zaf-trah (until tomorrow),


S & T said...

Ok, Sharon Thanks for the medicine!
You know you like my Russian imitation. Da Da Da!

Becky Maxwell said...

I love how you two are communicating via the blog. LOL!
Sorry to hear you both have been sick. That Sharon...she is always prepared!!!
That is so nice of the people there to be taking care of you two.
I am sure you are very excited about the upcoming court date.
I really look forward to reading your blog. Will you keep it up when you get back???? You know how nosey I am!!! :)
Take care and know we are thinking about 'cha!
Hugs, Becky

adopting2fromUkraine said...

S, you forgot to tell your Mom that you blog says 'Nasha Syemya' 'Our Family' :)

Kathi said...

Glad y'all got to see the kids. Communication will get better and better the more they are around english.

Can't wait 'til February 24th. I bet y'all are excited too.

That is really nice they are taking such good care of y'all. Hope y'all get to feeling better soon.

Prayers going up,


Betty&Jim said...

See, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. And all this time you saw nothing but "Snow"!!! This weekend will be here before you know it! Keep me posted once you get the exact flight. Bob and I will be there to bring ya'll home!!!
Love, Brenda bob and Peanut

ron & rosemary said...

Glad to hear that you're both feeling better. You need to be well to travel. We're praying for a safe trip home and look forward to seeing you. We're praying for the 21st, too. Tim, how lucky you are to have Sharon to organize for you.
We pray God's blessings on your new family.