Saturday, February 16, 2008

We have a court date!

We received our court date of February 21. We are meeting at the court house at Noon. All documentation and all parties (kids included) will attend. We should be able to complete everything on this one court date. Yeah! I guess we will believe it once it's done, but this is very good news. We are working on changing our return flights, but don't know about the availability on the train yet. We have to make the 14 hour train ride back to Kiev then we can catch our flight home. Tim says we turn in to bobble heads on the train. I think it's more like a huge rocking chair except when it stops.

We have been invited to dinner at the Orphanage Director's house tomorrow night. We are looking forward to it. We've heard it's quite the party.

Yesterday I was sick, but I'm feeling much better today. I got a stomach bug from FOOT! We could not visit with the children as I could not get off the couch. Tim took excellent care of me. He went down to the kitchen and in broken Russian explained that I was sick and needed soup. They delivered a tray with all kinds of hot food for me. Unfortunately, I could not stomach any food. Today when we went to breakfast they all asked how I was and were very sweet. I feel like I'm getting the royal treatment here. Now Tim isn't feeling well. He has more of a cold with a sore throat. I hope it doesn't turn in to the stomach virus I had. All Tim wants it a hot bath, but it's not going to happen. No tub and usually no hot water.

We had an interesting conversation with a lady at the flower shop in the market today. She spoke alittle English and noticed we did so she was asking us why we were here. We told her that we are adopting a brother and sister from an orphanage. Her comment was, "there is something wrong with children in orphanage". She also said, "they are dangerous". This seems to be a common perception here no matter how wrong it is. She also told us that they work all day and make $15 per day.

We told the kids that the court date is next week. They seemed happy about it. We bought each child a nice gift and gave it to them on different days. Today was M's. We gave him walkie talkies. All the kids had a blast playing with them. They talked more today on those walkie talkies than they have since we've been here. We gave V a watch. He wears it proudly. We gave O an eye shadow kit. She came down today looking like a model with her new eye shadow.

It has been snowing heavily the past two days. There has to be at least 6 inches on the ground and it's still snowing. When it was time to leave today and we were waiting for the taxi the kids started a snowball fight. They got Tim good. I got hit a couple of times too, but I got them back. After we got too cold and too tired we went back in the school house and warmed our hands on the radiator. M looked like a snowman. His brother pushed him in to a small snow bank and pelted him with snow. M loved every minute of it.

Thanks for all of your prayers! They are working!

Freddie - So good to hear from you!! Say CIAO to your Mom.

Choco - Tell Freddie that he can pass that test. Make sure he signs up and has a definite date to take it again. Glad to hear he's joining the Navy!

June - The guards reminds us to wear our hats too! They really do look out for us Texans who have no idea about all of this cold weather. They also came in today and changed out all of the lightbulbs in the apt. WE CAN SEE! Seriously, we had one light bulb in the den and one in the bathroom.

Brenda - I will be in touch once we get the return flights confirmed.


adopting2fromUkraine said...

You both better be hungry when you go to dinner. The director fixes lots of great food!

Dennis has an acquaintance that told him the children in orphanages are 'defective'. Those children have done nothing wrong. It's the parents who didn't take care of them that are defective!!!

adopting2fromUkraine said...
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adopting2fromUkraine said...

(I deleted the last comment because I found a typo)

Have you told them about the hot water not working? We had to be careful or it would scald us, it was so hot.

If the lady in the flower shop was saying she makes $15 UAH a day, that adds up to $90 USD a month. The majority of things aren't that cheap there. Most prices are the same as here.

Kathi said...

Congratulations!! I am so excited for y'all. I can't wait to see you and give you both a great big hug. Enjoy your dinner tomorrow. You're almost there so hang in there, you ALL will be home before you know it. I can't wait.



Becky Maxwell said...

That is wonderful news!! I know you are all thrilled! Fancy dinner, huh? Can't wait to hear Tim's description of each item.
Will the kids come back with you when you return or will you have to go back once more?
Stay warm and dry and don't get sick! It is no fun!
Take care of each other!
Your TN BFF, Becky

momanddad said...

Aunt Virginia just called to find out the latest news. She hasn't called in a few days because she has a terrible cold. Got it at the Christian Women's Meeting last week. Tim, I am typing on this brand new computer that we got yesterday. Dad will have to tell you what he had installed. I really like this flat screen. Have been wanting to ask you what does the two Russian words on your blog mean? Love Mom

ron & rosemary said...

Hey guys. Great to hear the new date. We'll keep the prayers coming. Sharon, I got the release from A+ and my new demo is complete. It's really good stuff. We look forward to you and your new family being here.

Ron & Rosemary

Betty&Jim said...

Well it's about time!!!! We are so excited for you both. Can't wait for the four of you to get back to the "Good 'Ole USA" Tim, just say the word and Robbie will "Fire-UP" the hot tub!!!
Love, Brenda

The B's said...

Hi guys!!
Yeah! Yeah! and Yeah!!!
I know the 21st can't get here soon enough for you guys. Hope you both stay healthy and get some hot water soon. And have a blast at your dinner - eat some chocolate for me.

As for the comment about the kids in the orphanage - what a shame. Children are good! They are created in God's image - that's never bad! They just need loving awesome people (like you guys!) to show them how wonderful life really is!

Thank you for telling me to have Freddy book a date to re-take the test - I will let him know that. How is Stephen doing? And Michelle - how is she feeling?

We love you guys!