Saturday, February 9, 2008

Peyton Place

I didn't think that our blog site would turn in to a computer small town community. It's nice that everybody is sharing events with each other. Hey Chococake's husband -- way to throw mom under the bus! Hope everyone feels better. Hey Becky can Campbell drive yet? I bet she could if she wanted to. We miss all of you.

Marilyn, here is the real Ukraine story. Yes, you need a converter for every bleeping electrical thing you have or need. No hot plate, no microwave, no stove and the only part of the refrigerator that works is the freezer. We keep ice cream in there. All we have is a pot that will boil water in seconds. That's how I make my coffee and we wash the clothes. There is no little chocolate mints or peppermint or girlie thing to put in my coffee. Believe me, I wish there was. What I make is Cowboy coffee. That's where the grinds are still left in the cup and you have to sip it real slow.

Dad, OK you got the teeth for a New York Strip? I'll buy and cook on the pit. And in the morning we'll go to Shipley's for donuts and coffee.

Hey Steph and Julie we were so glad to hear your voices. I didn't know I would miss my sisters that much. Thanks for everything you are doing for us. Stephanie stay out of my candy and the pantry. Julie enjoy the bed while you can. What side are you sleeping on? Is Max sleeping on the pillow? Must be nice moving up in the world.

Dean & Jeanine - Jeanine, miss you and love you and I would grab your earlobe if I was there. Sweet Thang, how did your game go? Do you need a hug? Hope the shoulder held up. Get healed up so we can play when I get home. The game I set up at Redstone for our CEO last week went really well. My boss said that our CEO shot his first eagle on a par 4 and will never forget the day or the course. I hope I get a comp round so we can play.

The West Family - So glad to hear you and Stephen got some time to spend together. I sorely miss not being able to be with you guys. I wish I would have known. You could have taken the boat and the truck. Stephen, we really wish we could be there to see you off to Boot Camp. We love you very much and know you'll do well.
We hope Michelle and Hayden are doing well. Can't wait to meet Hayden. Joseph, thanks for helping out with house duties. Bob, when I get back we need to hook up for a bike ride or fishing trip. You pick. Or, maybe just a hot tub and a beer. Brenda, thanks for keeping it all together.

We had a great day with the kids. We brought ice cream. No problem. It's so cold we didn't have to worry about it melting. M and me used lingo (electronic translator) to have a conversation. He's very smart and has figured out how to do it and change from Russian to English. Then we wrestled and I taught him how to say, "back off man!". I brought my MP3 player and let them listen to some good old rock and roll. Frampton, Skynyrd, ZZ, and Michael Buble (What a wonderful world). That song always makes me think of my parents. I had to fight O to get it away from her. She really likes music and singing.

The static electricity is so bad that Sharon's hair sticks straight up. She is scaring the Ukrainian people when we walk down the road. Seriously! She couldn't even hide it with my baseball hat. The kids never batted and eye. They just hugged her, hugged her and hugged her. But I laughed and laughed.

Tim and Sharon


adopting2fromUkraine said...

I used soooo much hairspray on my hair to keep it from flying away every time I touched it that I think it started to crystallize and coat my hair! KMB like to feel how stiff my hair was. LOL

momanddad said...

Wanted you to know Aunt Virginia calls me about every other day to check on the latest news from you two. Anyway Lola called this morning from the Alamo Dome in San Antonio where she and Aunt Virgina are attending a two day meeting of Christian Women. Lola said there were about 13 thousand women at the meeting. Do you think a man would like to be there??? Aunt Virginia asked Lola to call. Lola said they have been praying for you and will continue to do so. Aunt Virgina said the Dome is so big she is in a wheel chair! Said it is bigger than the Astro Dome. Do I remember you telling me M never had ice cream?? Love MOM