Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday, Monday.......

We just got back from visiting the kids. We had a great time. M surprised me with a sparkly bracelet. He came running in the room and showed it to me and then put it on my wrist. Then he grabbed Tim and gave him a drawing of a Honda dirt bike motorcycle. He is a charmer. O LOVES candy! We brought all kinds today because we know she likes it. She never had a piece she didn't like. V met us today when we pulled up in the taxi. He was away playing soccer on our last visit. He is a very nice young man and we enjoy his company. We were fortunate to have Claire available to translate for us today. We were finally able to find out if the kids had questions for us. The main question they have is when do we go to court and when will we leave for America. That's a good question because we want to know too! Actually, our facilitator called this morning to tell us that all of the papers have been filed and he should receive them on Wednesday. He is in Kiev and so are the papers so he will travel to our region on the overnight train on Wednesday. He plans to go straight to the court once he gets off the train on Thursday morning to find out about our court date. So, we changed our flight to Monday, Feb. 18th last week, but we may not be able to make that one either. It all depends on the court date/s. We've been told that in this region the court likes to give you two dates. The first date is a preliminary date to meet with the court to agree that you want to adopt the children. Then the second court date is when we all go to court (the children, the faciliator, the director) and make the adoption official. We can't leave until we have the second court date. Then we have to take an overnight train for 14 hours back to Kiev to catch our flight. Please pray for quick court dates and that we can make our flight on Feb. 18th. We hope we will be home sometime the week of Feb. 18th.

O went to get Y so he could talk to Natalie and Bill. It's always good to see Y. That kid is always smiling. He brought a friend with him and it's a boy we've seen before. He's probably 15 years old. He is very polite and very nice to M, O, and V. So there were 7 of us working a puzzle waiting for Claire to get Natalie on the phone to talk to Y.

By the's freezing today. We would not survive without long johns, hats, gloves, scarfs, thick socks, and good boots.

From Tim
Hey Mom, M has had ice cream before. Marilyn, we can buy a microwave here for about $50. June, too late. We bought a small heater today. The little floor heater in the apartment stopped working. I beat it in to submission and it worked for a little bit, but finally it died. No way to live without one. We will check with Rita about getting another one.

Lyndsey and Lance, I was so happy to see your comment on our blog. You are right about our weather being very similiar. We have a layover in Chi-town on the way home. If we get stuck there.....we'll be calling cuz we got family there. Lance, how is the J-O-B going? We are very proud and happy for both of you. Cannot wait to share it at your wedding. I will try my best not to be crazy uncle Tim at your wedding. It will be great to have the whole family together. Write again and write often.

Brenda, (sharon here) thanks for the update. We were very happy to talk to Stephen before he left for boot camp. It sounds like you had a great time at Gringo's! How was he last night when you dropped him off? I'll keep you posted on our return date.

June, the candy shop is called Dolce Vita and it's across the street fro the big grocery store. They have baked goods, candy, coffee, and tea.


Betty&Jim said...

Hi Guys!!
Try not to be discouraged with your dates dragging on. Look at the bright side, by the time ya'll get home, Spring will be in the air over here!!! We stayed with Stephen at the hotel for about a half hour. He and Michelle wanted to check things out and spend time alone. We expect a phone call from him around 10pm or 11pm tonight once he gets into Chicago. He told us that he was very excited, not nervous at all. But worried about the cold in Chicago. The temperature in Chicago today is I believe 18 degrees and snow. He will freeze his hind end off!! Your always in our prayers. I hope that ya'll get final confirmation on dates real soon.
Love, Brenda (Bob and Peanut)

adopting2fromUkraine said...

Oh, well. I tried.

Yes, there is no way you could stay in that apartment without a heater. Especially in that living area. We must have used the heater up while we were there. You should tell them you bought one so they can compensate you for it.

Kathi said...

Hey y'all, hang in there! You're almost there. Tim, glad you got a heater. I couldn't even imagine how cold it is there. Good job fixing it the night it went out too. Love reading all about your time there and will keep praying for a quick court date.



Marilyn K said...

Sounds like you are about to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just have one question today - do the courts have designated hours on designated days like our court system or could your court date be at any time on any day? I don't suppose they would have court dates on Saturdays or Sundays, would they? Either way, hoping for a swift and satisfactory outcome. I hope you get at least one more delicious meal like the omelette breakfast. That one made me hungry!

adoptyaroslav said...

Thanks for letting us use your phone to talk to Y today. Sounds like maybe he has the same problem KMB has with her cell phone. Maybe we could give you some cash and you could buy him a sim card on your second trip. Maybe it'll last a week or two.

Thanks again,

The B's said...

Again...I made some comments on the last Blog. Well lets see. Today at work was busy and it has started to rain at 5:30pm.
I see Stephen is off to boot.. Angie's brother is taking the test Wednesday to join the Navy. He did great on the pre-test. Now its all about him getting cleaned up with the rest of his stuff and off he will go. Good luck at court.

ron & rosemary said...

Hey, my sweet friends. I lost your link and got it today from Tracy. Our group continues our prayers and will step them up for a speedy court date. Rosemary is doing great and started back to work on Monday. Looking so forward to seeing you and the kids. Love you both. Ron & Rosemary