Friday, February 8, 2008


Happy Birthday Dad! We wish we were there to celebrate with you. We hope you have a wonderful day. You officially have the right to drive 35 miles an hour no matter what the speed limit. To give advice freely to people who don't want it or need it. To talk loud because you can't hear or your hearing aid is whistleing, and to ignore anyone you don't want to talk to. We love you DAD!!

We just got back from another visit with the kids. There was a light snow last night and the temperature dropped a few degrees so it was very cold today. When we arrived at the orphanage the courtyard was empty. Usually O is looking out the window for us to arrive because she always comes running out from her dorm building across the courtyard. Today, nothing........ we waited and went in the school building and it was empty. Came back out and who comes running across the courtyard today? It was V. He really seems to be enjoying our visits. He took us in the school building and to family type room where there are couches and chairs so you can visit. A few minutes later O and M came in. Today I had written out some questions phonetically in Russian to see if we could communicate better. It worked alittle bit better than charades (like we usually do). M just laughs at us. Sometimes I think he understands alot more than he lets on. O and I read part of the Russian dictionary book I brought. M showed us that he already put together two of the lego kits we got him. V was very interested in the camera today and had all of us posing for photos. It was another good day. We did not see any other children as it was freezing cold outside. We did see one boy riding the old bike around the courtyard when we arrived. He was a brave soul.

Tim will probably tell you about breakfast this morning. We are both hungry waiting for dinner. It was not the best breakfast today. But all of the other meals have been very good.

We are hoping to know more on Feb. 12th.

Thanks for all the prayers and comments!

The keyboards in this internet cafe are ancient. Sometimes you press keys and no letters pop up. Sometimes the space bar works, sometimes it doesn't. Excuse us if there are typos, but they cut the computer off after an hour and we don't always have time to proof.

Kathi - We texted Andrew yesterday and he texted us back. Good to hear from him.

Betty - Thanks for the updates. I'll email you with specific questions regarding Stephen's new career path.

Chococake - the chocolate here is very dark. In my opinion it's not as good as Hershey's.

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adopting2fromUkraine said...

Look for the wrapper with a white background and a little girl with a scarf on her head. The name is 'Olenka'. It is a very good milk chocolate and cost around 4rph. They have it at the supermarket and in the open market. Don't buy it at the little market in front of the apartment. We bought some very old candy there once.

I noticed that they put the content of chocolate in percentages, I believe. The higher the number, the darker the chocolate. I like dark chocolate and we bought one once that was a little too dark for me.