Thursday, February 14, 2008

Judge or be judged?

The judge we were to meet with today has been ill and could not meet with us again. Our facilitator met with a new judge. This judge is not as nice as the other judge and would not set a court date. Our facilitator called for reinforcements and there will be two of them meeting with the judge tomorrow to see if we can get a court date. We are depressed and bummed, but we are sticking it out until we find out how long it will be before we get a court date.

We had a great visit again (as always) with the kids. Our faciliator was with us today so he could translate. I hope they don't feel like they are being interrogated.

Hats - are a required piece of clothing here. As soon as you leave the house without one you recognize right away that you left it. Now, me being with limited amount of hair, may recognize it alittle bit quicker than Sharon does. The real bummer here is that I lost my beret somewhere in south Ukraine and I had to buy a standard black beanie. The other thing about hats is that they cause a bunch of static electricity. So when I go to kiss my wife I get that same shock I did when we first kissed. Ok, I'm missing a few other things. Besides having a hat on your head you need gloves and a scarf. I'm not kidding. The scarf actually works once you figure out how to tie the "foot" thing. Sharon and I wear gloves, but no one else needs to; they just walk around smoking, carrying packages, and drinking cold beer. But I'm telling you that being from the south if you don't wear your gloves you will regret it. Not to mention the fact that both Sharon and I wear long johns (top and bottom) every "foot" day. Now I don't know who long john was, but he was a smart man.

This morning's breakfast was absolutely terrific. We had porridge, pancakes, fig jam, bread, cheese and ham. Ok, I don't know if ya'll know this, but June and Dennis told us they would take the extra cheese and bread to the kids. So every day Sharon and I limit our intake and pack her purse full of anything that we possibly can stuff in there to take to the kids. The kids love it! Restaurant food served from a purse. FOOOOOT!


Kathi said...

Judges! They can "foot" up everything can't they? Hang in there!

Sounds like y'all are getting used to the cuisine. Pancakes with jam? That sounds interesting. I like peanut butter on mine and everyone thinks that's weird.

I think long john was an amazing man also. You are too funny Tim. Keep bundled up!

I hope y'all get a court date soon. Take care.


adopting2fromUkraine said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are still waiting:( Adoption is like a roller coaster. Hang on for the ride!

On the bright side, you get to spend a few more days with the kids:)

Betty&Jim said...

Don't get discourage!!! Think of the outcome. You will soon have two kids to bring home. It will all be over before you know it!!! Keep the Faith, Tim and Sharon everyone back home is praying for a quick and safe return home.
Love, Brenda

The B's said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Give the kids big kisses and hugs from us - Tell O that next year I will have a big bag of candy with her name on it!

I am so sorry that yo didn't get the court date today - WTF? That would be - What the "foot!".

Speaking of WTF - Freddy missed passing the Navy ASVAB by 6 points - 6 rotten points. He is not giving up - he will take it again in 30 days. He has great hopes to follow in Bobby and Stephen's foot steps!

Love you guys!


Marilyn K said...

Happy Valentine's Day and congratulations on the anniversary of your engagement. I know Easter is a major holiday over there but I'm curious if Valentine's Day is anything special. Have you noticed any merchants selling roses for inflated prices? I rather suspect their economy is not based on the "spend, spend, spend" that we all know here. I hope you get good news from the court soon.

Becky Maxwell said...

What the foot????? Will the other judge be well soon??
I hate to hear that things have been delayed. Good things come to those who wait.. and wait.. and ...
I can't imagine being cold all the time. Those long johns do come in handy!
Hope you hear something positive soon. Just enjoy the kids and keep the faith! We are all anxiously awaiting the next update!
Happy Valentine's Day from the good old U.S. of A.
Your bud, Becky

The B's said...

Sorry to hear about the news. Glad to see we are not the only place with a bunch of goverment crud.
Man that purse must smell like a FOOT!!!
Keep your hat on.....

Freddie said...

Why, hello there!
My mother gave me the link to your blog.
And NOW I'm going to read it.
Fear me!

I hope to hear from you soon! My mom and I miss you a lot!

And I eventually want to adopt children too. So good luck with it. I wish for the best!

Love, Freddie.

adopting2fromUkraine said...

As far as the glove thing, it sounds like it's been a little warmer there (not that it's warm!) than when we were there. You will see the locals wearing their gloves, hats and scarves when it gets way below zero!

Dennis would forget his hat half the time and the guard would fuss at him. lol