Sunday, February 10, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

Ok, I know I talk alot about food here. But I'm telling you that you never realize how important the small things are that we have readily available in America then you might start to be able to understand how it would be to live in a place where you just don't have choices.

Now the good stuff. Yesterday for breakfast we asked in Russian for eggs and we were rewarded with the most delicious omlette. We had fresh bread, big slices of ham, the omlette, and cheese. I had instant coffee and Sharon had tea. It was delicious. Today we had grits and a fried chicken pattie for breakfast. Good stuff.

We walked several miles today and checked out all of the stores. None of the people taking money have calculators. They all use an abbacus (sp?). No kidding. We lost another light bulb in the bathroom. We are down to one. But, that is a good thing in the bathroom.

The apt is pretty cold. We use a small electrical floor heater. It went out last night and we freaked out. I beat on it and revived. Let me tell you it is the one thing we will not be without. We may have to buy another one for the apt. Today's temp was in the teens. But, the sun was shining part of the day.

Choco's husband - what's is going to cost me for that used helmut? As soon as I get back I plan on a big ride. Thanks for thinking of me.



adopting2fromUkraine said...

You were close on the spelling of abacus. Most of the people we bought from in the open market either wrote the price down or had a calculator, but one lady did show us the abacus. We had no idea how to tell what it said. I was glad I learned some of the Russian numbers.

If all else fails, just offer them some money and they will tell you if it's more or hold the change out in your hand and they will pick out the amount.

Look up above the tv. There is a long white thing on the wall that might be a heater. We never used it. If you can't figure out how to work it, see if you can find Rita. Sometimes she is in the little store in front of the apartment. Sometimes she is in that office across the hall on weekdays.

Don't buy another heater, tell Rita. They are very accommodating.

momanddad said...

Aunt Vera has invited us to dinner today for Dad's 80th birthdy. My hours today are 4 to 10 so I will eat and run. Dad can stay and visit some more. Uncle Charles is back at work. Dad wants to know if Cuban cigars are available there? Love Mom

Betty&Jim said...

Hi Sharon and Tim!

Stephen sure was surprised to get his phone call from ya'll. We sure missed ya'll at Gringos' There was 12 of us there! We will plan another outing once you and your new family finally get home! Joseph said he can really tell that Max is missing you. Hope your home soon. We miss you!
Love, Brenda, Bob and Peanut!!

Lyndsey said...

Hello from Chicago!

Just wanted to send a quick "hello" and let you know we are really enjoying following your adventure and learning about the kids! Also we can sympathize with you on the whole cold weather thing, but we are blessed with powerful and reliable heating for our apartment so I guess I can't complain :)

Also I wanted to say I love reading about all your interesting meals..seems like that's a whole different adventure in itself.

Well, we're sending lots and lots of love from Chi-town, and we are so happy for you and cannot wait to meet the kids!

Safe travels! Love you both,

Lyndsey & Lance

Marilyn K said...

Wow! Sounds like you hit the jackpot on the omelette breakfast. I'm curious how much that would have cost in U.S. dollars. I'm still in a state of surprise that you do not have a stove/hotplate in your apartment. This is probably a dumb question but... would it be possible that you could take a microwave with you when you go back on your next trip? I see them advertised for as little as $39 & for that price you could leave it there when you finally do leave (or maybe even sell it real cheap if somebody was interested). Are there any restrictions on what items you can take into the country? Hope you will get some good news soon.

The B's said...

Hey a day behind. Sorry we were sick all weekend. Sorry Mom for calling you out about the Tenn/Bubba/Sister-lovin/three teeth flu or cold we all had. We are all recovering fine. I did not get a chance to ride all weekend and the weather was great or it looked great from the window.
Tim Yes I do have a new helmet for Specalized Team Lotto. Kyle gave me a blue one to match the team colors. Hey if all else fails beat it till it really stops working....nice job on the heater.
I never knew it would be this hard...hold on I'm laughing....I said HARD to type to Tim in a PG format. Well I got a Team Meeting and I will check in later. Take care and we love you guys...STAY WARM!!!